Approached Drew about shooting her first story for a magazine. We cast a group of musicians together, then shot in her home in Los Angeles (also where the Beatles recorded Yellow Submarine). Produced shoot on-site and edited Drew's text. 

M83, Warpaint, The Drums, Lord Huron, Mayer Hawthorne, Spank Rock, Mac Miller.


When I was about seven I discovered the Go-Go's. I went out and bought their album Beauty and the Beat, and as the vinyl twirled, my whole world changed. I stared at the girls on the cover like they were a gateway to cool. The fact that they were girls made me feel not only invited but more important—like I could be a bad ass too. I looked over to my Pippi Longstocking poster on the wall and thought, Yes, I like girls who rock!

Although I have no gift of music, my gift would be that I wanted to give it to people. Show them. Turn them on. I used to go through painstaking days trying to make the absolute perfect mixtape (as in cassette) for those I longed to reach. I wanted the playlists to say something to someone. They had to start and finish with perfection. No cutoffs. And they had to be eclectic.

We have to find music. We have to search. Shazam. Share playlists. From satellite radio to the almighty record store. For me, the word "discover" is synonymous with "music." I am so swayed by music that I can't actually stay mad if something awesome comes over the speakers. All of a sudden my mood shifts as well as my body. I still am very much that same girl who wants to rock out. I want to be in the pit at a Girl Talk show and I want to feel my heart swoon to Best Coast songs. I can't help but have a swagger when I've got my big old headphones on. I still get sad if a sad song comes over me. I come down to the melancholy of the song until it's over. I feel music to the core of my being.

The day we did this shoot, Mac Miller's album went to number one on iTunes. He also ruled the beer pong table with Warpaint—talk about foxy ladies with utter style. I loved taking a picture of M83 and his girlfriend at sunset as we were all winding down. Lord Huron made fun of me for chasing him around with my camera, but I told him it's gonna look great. The Drums and Spank Rock were a clique all day, whether on the roof or on the dance floor. The Peach Kings were my little love couple, and I adore the romance of a man and woman who make music together. Mayer Hawthorne was super social and supercool—he even brought me some vinyl for my collection. And with a voice that knocks me out, there was Audra Mae, with her whole band that looked like they were from another era. And everyone got along brilliantly. Just set up the vibe and away they went, talking, drinking, and hanging out, pumping the keg to a great playlist floating out of the speakers and making the whole day sound as good as it felt.

I will always put music all over everything I do. I feel like it's one of the most profound ways to convey emotion. Just like when I was seven, music makes me feel like anything is possible—the drum intro to "We Got the Beat" will always make my body and soul know it's all about to happen—that something rad is kicking off, and that I, too, in my small way, can rock for as long as I shall live. These bands that I feel privileged to have shot are amazing and current and all over your world. I hope you enjoy them as they fill your space. And hopefully—the way only music can—transport you somewhere truly moving.